Love Live Apps and Cosplay Shenenigans

I am a bit addicted to the idol genre. Idols are cute and cuteness is my weakness. My favorite idol in Love Live! is Kotori Minami. She is a precious little bumpkin and I have cosplayed in a few of her outfits.

12369202_1181599238535456_6542210626512760751_n.jpg12814702_1228778953817484_6659886401364446519_n (1).jpg

Anyway, the app video is a tad older on my channel, but it was different from my usual content. I tried something different with editing here and was happy with how it came out! I’m going to be working a bit more during the second half of my semester… and am saving up to get a microphone. I also attended a cosplay meetup during Katuscon. 

Love Live! has a really nice fandom The people I met were so friendly! There was a big turn out to this meetup, too. I’m hoping to see more characters from the spinoff, Love Live Sunshine in the future!



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