Benefits of Tea!

Feeling sick? Have an exam coming up and feel stressed? Tea doesn’t have to be an acquired taste. If you are hesitant to try teas there are many varieties and flavors of tea available  and as an added plus, tea has its own benefits.


Chamomile and Lavender:

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Both teas have a mild flavor and help alleviate stress. It is great to have right before bed, especially if you are feeling restless.

Have a cold, or Feel Tired?

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Black tea contains antioxidants which  not only reduces congestion, but also the length of a cold. Adding lemon or honey as a bonus, to it relieves congestion. Black tea also has a high concentration of caffeine, but not as much as a cup of coffee.

Menstrual Cramps? Bloated?

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Drink a cup of peppermint tea! Mint alleviates cramps and reduces bloat. If you want a stronger mint flavor, toss a small peppermint in your tea.

Want to Lower Your Cholesterol?

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Green tea has been proven to lower bad cholesterol…bottoms up!

Craving Something Sweet?

Sometimes sweet, prepackaged teas can have high amounts of sugar, so be careful! It is usually better to make your tea at home and use a minimal amount of sweetener. Honey and agave are a few common tea sweeteners. But sometimes there are teas that are naturally sweet and do not need anything extra. There are a wide variety of sweeter teas to choose from, ranging from fruit teas, matcha tea, and even chocolate teas


If you would like to learn about more of the health benefits (and types) of tea, there is a very helpful article on Webmd.



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