How Sailor Moon Crystal Improved

I am not a fan of Toei Animation. Their shows are full of off-model shots and minutes upon minutes of filler animation and stock footage. The first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal were, to put it lightly, not so great. The first episode of the season kicked off the series with a bang, but the quality of the animation quickly lowered and so did the viewership.

Tumblr blogger ellephedre looked at the ratings of the show through Nico Nico (a website which is in a way, the YouTube of Japan). :

Act 1: 1.130,395 views
Act 2: 454,435 views
Act 3: 390,123 views
Act 4: 339,111 views
Act 5: 291,628 views
Act 6: 237,940 views
Act 7: 217,093 views
Act 8: 241,774 views
Act 9: 199,527 views
Act 10: 198,562 views
Act 11: 150,862 views
Act 12: 146,314 views

People went to social media and expressed their opinions about the show. YouTube user CJ VS Manga brings up a few main issues of the show here:

Toei Animation listened to feedback from the fans. They changed the  art direction of the series and the animation has improved. The art from the original series tried to be detailed but this lead to many off model moments. Fans believed the first two seasons had poor animation, to the point where it was distracting to the show itself.

The newer art on the other hand, is simplified–gone are their noodle like limbs,  and arms, rigid animations, and CG transformations.  The girls look more like their respective ages. A Youtuber has put together a comparison from the first two and third series and the improvements are clear:

What are your thoughts on the new art work from Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3? Episodes air every Monday and can be steamed on Hulu and Crunchyroll. 



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