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Saving Money on Ita Bag Merchandise


What are ita bags?

Ita bags are gaining in popularity. They’re bags which often have transparent flaps–people use them to display merchandise of their favorite character or series. The word ita is short for the word itai (痛い) meaning painful. The bags can be painful to look at and perhaps a little painful in the  money department, but people still love them. But ita bags don’t have to be expensive! Here’s some ways you can save money on ita bag merchandise. This is a broad guide that isn’t for any particular series, but I hope it helps!


1.) Resist the urge to buy merchandise in bulk in the dealers room. 

Many items in ita bags are found in blind boxes/bags. Items are typically are more easy to access in conventions, but are usually significantly marked up from the original price: you’re also  not guaranteed to get your favorite character. It is okay to treat yourself every so often, but try not to get carried away.

2.) Import your merchandise

Believe it or not, importing merchandise is cheaper. I’ve had so much luck on Yahoo Japan Auctions. I bought about a dozen keychains for my Kotori Minami ita bag for a cheap price! You’ll need a shopping service to use Yahoo Auctions. To search on Yahoo Auctions, simply search your character’s name and find it in Japanese, (usually it’s on fan wikias), and paste it into the search engine.

But if you want to import without a shopping service, websites like Ami Ami and Hobby Search offer international shipping and are English friendly.

3.) Support Artists:

Artists make adorable fan-made merchandise of popular (and sometimes more obscure) ,characters. Buttons and pins are  something I recommend in particular because they’re usually cheap and great to buy in bulk!

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