Pre-Concert Stream: Happy Party Train Edition



I waited and waited, hoping that there would be a second concert screening in the states for Aqours’ second concert.  After some time passed and no news of a next screening came by, I thought there would not be a second screening.

The lack of news surprised me a bit because March’s screening in NYC sold out very quickly. Even though there was a delay in terms of news, I came home after work one day and saw on social media that there would indeed be another screening in America and better yet, not too far away!

Last time, I attended the NYC screening. Seats were filled to the brim and people without seats stood up in the aisles to cheer on their favorite idols. Although the NJ screening likely won’t be as big in scale as the NYC screening, going to a local concert and meeting up with nearby fans will likely make an interesting (and fun) experience. Saving money on bus tickets is also a plus.

I was a little eager and picked up NYC tickets, as I didn’t expect NJ to get a screening. But once I did find out about NJ’s screening, I kept an eye on the ticket page and then snagged tickets for my friend and I the next day.

Now, I’m just getting ready for the concert to build up some anticipation. After the first live, I got a pen light that I can use to cheer for the girls on screen. A few people cosplayed during the NYC screening and I decided to pick up a cosplay of my own for the NJ screening.


Ruby Kurosawa is my favorite idol on Aqours. Although the concert is coming up in about a month and in terms of ordering cosplays for overseas that’s a pretty close date, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping to get this cosplay in time. (I went back to writing this post and unfortunately received the incorrect sizing for this cosplay). I won’t be cosplaying for the concert unfortunately, but I still am really looking forward to it!

This post came out a bit longer than expected, so I will write about the overall concert around next weekend.

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