Kotori Con 2018


Kotori Con:

I went to Kotori Con for the first time over the weekend! It’s a small con which takes place at Rowan College in Gloucester County.

I’m going to mention some pros and cons from my convention experience. I know Kotori Con staff looks out for feedback and I hope this will help them out, as well as give other’s an idea about my own time.


STAFF: Staff works hard and their effort really shows, especially with the signage. There was plenty of signage and I only got a little lost once. Staff are easily accessible, but not to an excessive point.

SECURITY: Security was throughout the convention, which made me feel even safer. I’ve had issues with security at many, many conventions in the past, mainly New York events, whether it be them barking orders, or just being plain rude if had a question to ask. But here, security was friendly, but observant, especially with props. A young man was walking around with a rather convincing foam baseball prop, with some artificial spikes and barbed wire, and security just double checked to make sure it was all foam.

ATTENDEES: The attendees were very sweet. This convention brought back memories of when I was in high school at around the age of fifteen, and went to my first cons. I saw a few high schoolers and interacted with a couple. As a long time con attendee (for seven years), it really makes me happy to see this camaraderie and kindness.
I actually had a bit of a situation with a suitcase at the con. Basically, I was dropped off by my mother instead of traveling with my friend. Because of this, I couldn’t leave my suitcase in the car, and had to lug it around for a bit. I want to give a shout out to Sweet Mildred at artist alley for being super kind and storing my suitcase for me behind her booth.

DEALERS ROOM: This isn’t really on Kotori Con’s part, but I wanted to bring up that prices were for the most part, relatively fair. I have experience importing items from Japan
find that many dealers rooms tend to really oversell some items. I spent no more than $30 and got a size able haul, including of course, many Love Live items!

I liked that the convention buildings were relatively close by. It made it much easier to brace with the cold because of the short walk from one event to another.



I ranted about this on my previous post, but in a nut shell, Kotori Con does not allow people to set up cosplay shoots. Although I can see their reasoning, finding out about this rule was a little bit disappointing for me because I love getting professional photos of my cosplays. However, the con did have a photo booth and I got free prints, which made me feel a lot better.

The tea room had a great variety of beverages, hot cocoa, water, coffee, and of course, many types of tea, but the dispensers were rather slow at heating up and at one point in the con, weren’t filled up.
I was empty-handed in the room most of the time.


I did attempt to film a vlog during the event, but didn’t get enough footage. I may add a recap video in the future!

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