Making Your First Ita Bag

Hello, everyone! One of my earlier posts about ita bags has been helpful to a good amount of people. I am really glad to see that this guide gave a few people some useful tips on saving money on ita bags!

Image from Wego via Pinterest

Just about any bag can be an ita bag–they come various shapes and sizes and people use them to display their favorite characters and fandoms with merchandise such as keychains and pins. The most popular bags are arguably the ones that come with transparent pockets. The one pictures above is Wego’s popular heart window backpack.

Before making an ita bag, you should think about what theme you’re going for. There are no restrictions at all–the sky’s the limit! You can make the bag on any fandom, any character, or create a collage on everything you enjoy.  I think it’s a best bet to purchase the bag first, then get merchandise from there. If you purchase merchandise before buying the bag, it can be trickier to judge how much merch is needed for the final appearance you’re looking for.

You can make nearly any bag an ita bag, provided that it is easy to attach merchandise on it. Tote bags for example, may be a good idea for an idea bag.  I however, prefer the bags with the transparent flaps mainly because they protect the merchandise and it is less likely for items to snag.

Other than merchandise, you don’t need too much materials for your ita bag. Just thick felt and safety pins, both of which can be purchased off a craft store. I place the charms on the felt with safety pins, rather than directly putting them on the bag itself ,so the bag itself does not get damaged. I like to place the charms on the felt first before attaching them, just to make sure I’m happy with the placement.

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Ita bags can be a bit expensive due to the sheer amount of merchandise, but they don’t have to be! I made another post on Ita bags on the topic of saving money–if interested, take a look if you haven’t already.~



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