📚What to Bring to Bookcon📚


I’m going to be attending Bookcon on June 2nd in the Manhattan Javits Center for the very first time.  I have attended conventions for about eight years and am used to the general convention atmosphere, as well as the items that help keep yourself running throughout a event.  Although this convention is about a different topic than what I’m used to, I wanted to put together a list of items that can  make you Book Con run a bit smoother.

Backpack: Your backpack will contain all of the goodies you’ll be able to find and purchase (and apparently, there are also some freebies), but of course, make sure to pack some essentials and leave space. Backpacks are a comfortable choice for carrying the items you’ll get at the convention. Although tote backs may be your first instinct of carry on bag to bring, your shoulder may get a bit tired and worn out as the day progresses.

Water and food:

In the madness of preparing for a con, sometimes these two important items can be forgotten and you’ll end up scrambling last minute getting said items at the con center–with convenience, often comes high prices. I like to bring my own water bottle and fill it up. Snacks such as granola bars can help you stay energized throughout day, but it can help to pack a small lunch, as well. Food trucks sometimes set up shop at the con center during events, however it is not always guaranteed.

Comfortable Shoes: Even though you may want to dress up at Book Con, your feet may get a bit worn out in dress shoes! Make sure you bring comfortable shoes as a backup just incase.

Portable Charger:

Although the Javits Center does have a charging station, it is usually packed with people who’re charging their devices. I highly recommend a portable charger because your devices, whether it be your phone or e-reader, can remain charged throughout the event.

Ticket: If you ordered your ticket and received it in the mail early, do not forget it, as it is your way of getting around the event.


I found out this tip while browsing YouTube–at Bookcons, there are autograph signings at some booths in the exhibitor haul, as well as in designated rooms. It has become a tradition to put a post it note in the inside cover of the book so authors can know who to write their autographs out to.

As a writer, I also recommend keeping a small notebook to write down some ideas, in addition to using extra paper to share social media with possible new friends. You never know when ideas may hit you for a possible story, or the friends you may meet.

Autograph Tickets: I am not too familiar with the process of autographs at conventions but for Bookcon, there is a ticketing process–bring these with you, as well. It is important to note that for this particular convention, book purchases are often required in order to get an autograph.


If you have any additional tips, feel free to comment and I may add your tip to this post!




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