Creativity and Motivation

I wasn’t sure about a topic for this week’s update. I was a little short on ideas for posts because I’ve been picking up drawing again–plus picking up a new Netflix show had a bit to do with it. I am not one to binge watch, as I am the type of person who slowly watches shows, but the show is pretty good.

I consider myself to be a creative person–I am interested in hobbies like writing and drawing, plus I do arts and crafts from time to time. I’ve noticed that sometimes I may not feel as motivated to work on projects–and that happens to just about anyone.. Motivation sometimes waxes and wanes and isn’t consistent all the time–at least for me–the ideas may be there , but it’s a matter of just feeling the motivation to put them down or create something. A lot of the time for me, being tired or having little energy has a lot to do with it.  This post is mainly geared towards writers

A question I was asked recently was how to get past a lack of motivation. In my opinion, doing any sort of  skill  takes practice and in order to upkeep said skill, practicing is important. But at the same time, you should get enjoyment out of your creative hobbies. If you are not motivated, think of the reason as to why you don’t feel much drive. Is it a lack of inspiration? Fatigue maybe?  Or a lack of interest? To build up your motivation again, it does take time and this can vary. Sometimes even taking a break from a particular hobby and getting back into it at a later time can rekindle your joy in the activities and bring a new kind of motivation.

Again, remember that time is an important factor in motivation. But as writer, these are just a few tips I typically go towards when I feel my motivation go down:

*Stories do not have to be written in order. If you feel trapped in making a story chronological, try writing a later scene! You can always connect the dots later

*Writing prompts are fantastic if you’re stumped on ideas. Many are readily available with a quick Google search.

*Try writing in a different genre all together. I rarely write poetry for example, but sometimes it can be fun to give it an attempt.

*As always, I read other’s work to get some inspiration



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