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What To Look for in a Cosplay Photographer


31957834_2038987322796639_1268336918051946496_n.jpgI have gone to individual photo shoots over the past few years with cosplay photographers. When I first started attending events eight years ago, cosplay photography was not as prominent as it was. But now with social media, cosplay photographers are easier to connect with and meet. Here are just a few tips from the perspective of  a cosplayer on what to look out for when finding a cosplay photographer. After a somewhat disappointing experience after a shoot (one that isn’t pictured here) , I am buckling down and deciding to do further research on photographers and I decided to share some of my advice!


Reviews give you the opportunity to see feedback the photographer received from their clients. I try to look for reviews which reflect a photographer’s professionalism towards cosplayers, as well as the care they take in their craft.

Examples/Portfolios: Examples of work can give a cosplayer who’s looking out for a photographer a better idea of the photographer’s skills and prior experience. As a curvy cosplayer ,I like to look out for angles that the photographer tend to choose, or if they have previous experience working with other curvy people. Though note that preferences on photographers can vary depending on the cosplayer.

Social Media/Webpage: I like to work with photographers who are easy to each, whether they are accessible on social media or have a web page. Going back to the previous topic, this is something I feel is very important to review before reaching out to a photographer.


If you have a budget in mind, look at photographers that fit in your price range. Sometimes photographers do give deals for returning clients!

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