Roselia Ewigkeit Concert Review

Official art via BanG Dream Pico!

Roselia’s music has had a positive impact on me in a time where I am going through many major transitions, whether it be making the choice to start grad school or transitioning into a new job.

Although music is just one small hobby I enjoy, it is one which helps me cheer up and relax. I am a creative person by nature and admire the hard work which goes into making a song. Although the clips here are not of their recent concert, you can still get an impression of the stage presence the band, Roselia, has. The band is elegant but at the same time, does not hold back when a song is heavier. The bassist went down and kneeled, while playing, some group members also head banged.

I also of course, wanted to bring up The Third’s opening act, as well! They performed Glitter*Greens’ Don’t be Afraid, in addition to Pastel Palette’s first single, as well as Afterglow’s This is How I Roll! IT was the first time I heard their original single, R.I.O.T., and I liked the catchy beat.

I love Roselia not only for their elegant gothic look, but also for the dynamic between the band members. Each of the members, the vocalist in particular, develops as characters. I admire Yukina’s character. She at first, is very cold towards others but with the help of her band members, she becomes kinder. I love the work Aiba Aina puts into the character’s voice, as well as powerful vocals. The way she moves on stage is very dainty,  while at the same time, giving off a mysterious vibe. In some instances, combined with her long skirt, Aina looks almost like she is floating on stage.

Yurika Endo, Lisa Imai’s voice actress graduated from the band. There was a tearful goodbye but Endo stayed strong and went off with a smile, and thanked Yuki Nakashima, the newer actress, for continuing the role. There was a sense of genuine comraderie within the band, especially with Endo and Ako Udagawa’s actress, Mega Sakuragawa. I liked that the band members bonded throughout their practice and their strong friendship, combined with hard work certainly showed throughout the performance.  This was also, to my knowledge, one of Azoland’s first subtitled concert streams. It really added to the experience, as well as my enjoyment. I hope that future concerts will feature subtitles!


Concert goers also were able to get a card which showed all five characters of the band. There was an issue with a previous Love Live concert in this theater, where the free items were put on a table and a small group took a stack of the items. However, the theater remedied this issue by making sure that the greeter gave one item per person.


The audience in the NYC theater was lively. Many fans also enjoyed similar franchises such as Love Live. I liked that fans were able to meet, as well as discuss their favorite characters. Fans also brought plushies of some of the characters and even arranged them in certain areas of the theater. I thought this was a cute way to show support, as well as start conversations with other fans.

I have noticed more fans are using Ultra Orange glowsticks, also known as  UO glow sticks. This was my first concert stream in which I saw these in person. UO  glowsticks glow very briefly when broken and because of that,  are rather bright, even brighter than pen lights, For this reason, fans tend to use them during choruses of songs. Some concert goers brought the UO sticks by the bag full and used these in almost every song. It was a little frustrating because many of the fans were located by the front of the theater and frantically waved them about. As a fan from beind, it was a little distracting from the screen to see these bright orange lights. Although this was a minor issue, I wanted to mention this mainly because I have mixed thoughts on UO glowsticks. I feel that fans can –and should freely use them to get immersed into the music, but there should be a fine balance between using them, mainly with consideration of others in mind.

Roselia is one of five bands within the BanG Dream franchise and is my favorite among the five. I had a great time during the concert. IT was the perfect length and I left the theater, satisfied. I did a quick visit on the official BanG Dream page:  there is going to be a sixth live featuring The Third with their now determined band name, RAISE A SUILEN, as well as Poppin’ Party! This concert will take place around December. I am keeping my fingers crossed that based on the success of this stream in the states, there will be future showings.

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