The Girl Who Lived by Christopher Greyson Review


I personally am not a big fan of the detective genre, mainly because the subject usually centers around topics I dislike reading. Whether it be an author describing a character’s death in detail at a crime scene, or even recounting said scene in vivid detail, this type of genre does not really pique my interest. It does take talent to write such scenes an detail, enough to make a reader react,but I personally find many books in the genre a little tough to read due to their content.

However, I noticed I tend to keep myself in a box when it comes to the genres. I wanted to be more open to other genres and read this book.

The protagonist, Faith, loses her father and sister –allegedly under the hands of a criminal with a rat-like face. She witnesses her sister’s death and this trauma carries on with her in life, into adulthood.  Faith struggles with her trauma and uses unhealthy coping mechanisms throughout the book. Among twists and turns, Faith at last encounters the person behind the deaths during the last few chapters, encountering the aforementioned criminal, along with others involved.

One of the main issues I had with the novel is the main character. She is very disrespectful to others, frequently lies, and makes several poor decisions throughout the novel.

The author is a skilled writer regardless and the flashback scenes, in addition to Faith’s reaction to her past, are written in great detail, to the point where I could picture the scenes in my mind. It was certainly a thrilling read, one I finished in just two days. I did find Faith to be rather unlikable and the questionable motivations of the main antagonist, made me have more of a neutral opinion. I find that people either like or dislike this particular book and I am somewhere in between.

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