Anime Convention Hotel Rules: Chocola Edition

This list was inspired from the one from DJ Ranma S, though it does originate from user  Aniyah Lyszt.

Because a few conventions are coming up, I wanted to make a few guidelines on hotel room etiquette. I have had amazing experiences with people and have going to conventions for a few years. I figured these rules would be helpful in regards to organization and keeping everyone on the same page. This might be edited overtime.

1.) When you stay in the room, you are responsible for your share.  Because in most cases, hotels are paid through credit cards, you must pay prior to the convention. Paypal is a popular method of payment, as it’s convenient and easier to keep track of funds. If you do not have a Paypal, please find someone who does. I am most comfortable collecting funds with Paypal and will not make an exception to this rule unless I know someone very well. Payment is due two days prior to the event.

Note that it is your responsibility to find someone to cover your share, if you are unable to attend. Family emergencies are an exception, as well as if there is a state of emergency/ severe storms. I also have a cut off date for payment, two days prior to the event the latest, but please do not wait until the last minute! 

2.) Snoring rule: Please make sure to make arrangements in order to make sure everyone is comfortable and let your roommates know if you snore!

3.) Please try to leave your belongings neatly in a similar area throughout the event. This is to avoid any confusion and to keep the room as tidy as possible. On the same note, please be mindful of other people’s belongings.

4.) I usually bring baked goods or homemade items to the convention.  It is strongly recommended to bring goodies, as well, so we can all share! Though as a courtesy, please ask before using someone else’s belongings, eating their food, etc. (In the past, I’ve had folks use my belongings without my permission and that isn’t cool). On a lighter note, I usually share most of my food, except for pudding and ice cream. :p Especially pudding.

5.) As always, please take care of yourself throughout the weekend. I think the 5-2-1 rule if important.  This means to get at least five hours of sleep, eat at least two meals, and take at least one shower a day.

6.) You must be respectful of others! This includes respecting people’s boundaries.  All convention rules, as well as hotel and convention center guidelines, apply. This includes acting appropriately and keeping PDA to a minimum.

7.) I have noticed that at conventions, it has been becoming more common for people to not tip waitresses or waiters, or people who work in similar service jobs. Although this is not an issue in my friend groups, I have noticed in passing in the convention community. Please do tip!

8.) I do not drink adult beverages. This is mainly for personal and health reasons. Please understand this.  Although I do understand that my other friends do drink, my room isn’t a place to have parties. (Unless of course, they are more mellow, tea-related parties).  And if you do have adult beverages, please drink responsibly.

9.) Beds in most cases, are first come first serve.

10.) If you do have a disability or illness, please let me know and I will try my best to accommodate. On the same token, please let the roommates know if you have any kind of allergy, especially if it is severe.

11.) NEW RULE: I always disclose the cost of the hotel room rates. If you do not think the cost of the room is in your budget, please do not commit. If you cancel within a week of the con and it is not a dire emergency–and  there is not someone who can replace your spot, you are still responsible for covering your share.

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