Is Anime For Kids or Adults?


This is a somewhat popular debate for those who are unfamiliar with anime as a genre. There are generally two camps: those who are firm believers on anime’s demographic towards children, while others feel that anime is risque in content and geared towards an 18+ crowd. I had a discussion with a family member, whose  friend returned from a trip from Japan and came across 18+ content.  Then came the question: is anime as a whole, inappropriate?

Although I have not been to Japan personally, I have heard from others who have been to the country that it is easy to stumble across more risque content in Japan, even if you may be familiar with the language. I have the impression that Japan is more lenient in regards to this content being displayed in stores, but at the same time, I have come across  equally as risque magazine covers in American convenience stores and have seen books which focus all about intimacy be prominent sellers in many shops, and be a popular topic of conversation among certain crowds.  Books at the same time, in addition to magazines, can also be also more tame and  better  fit for a younger demographic.

Anime is a rather broad genre. I feel that with any sort of genre of entertainment or media, there is bound to be some form of content which is aimed towards more of an adult crowd.


There is anime out there, which may appeal to adults, whether it be full on 18+ content, or not. There is also at the same time, anime out there for children, such as Precure (shown above)  and Yokai-Watch. There are also anime for teenagers, too. I feel that anime is not for everyone, but at the same time, there are different demographics which are catered to almost any group or interest. There are anime series about topics ranging from simple slice of life stories, to magical girl series, and even series about MMORPGS,

I like anime because I grew up watching western cartoons, many of which I watched at the time, had plots which only existed in one episode. I came across anime and was fascinated by the fact that it told a story.  And yes, many anime series to center around high school students and can contain occasional crude humor (this brand of humor is typical in high schools even in real life), but it is nothing as vulgar as what I have heard in passing in my own high school experience.


One thought on “Is Anime For Kids or Adults?

  1. It really depends on the anime. While some are specifically targeted at children (like Doraemon), there’re also many more that could attract an older audience. And sometimes, when I rewatch an anime that I enjoyed as a teenager, I’m able to find some deeper meaning or understand things that I didn’t when I was younger.


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