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My Top Five Bandori Bands!


What is BanG Dream? 

Also known as Bandori, it is a rhythm game involving five all-female bands, each consisting of five members. There are a total of twenty five girls in the series and all of them have stories and grow as characters. Some characters do have more of a focus than others, but even so, you do get to learn about each character. The game does have unique songs of different genres, mainly pop.

These ratings are my opinion, but all of the bands do deserve a spot on the list and recognition.

5.) Hello, Happy World!
Kokoro is the main vocalist. I love her cheerful personality and the goal of the band, which is to make other’s smile. Her vocals and higher pitched voice have had mixed reception from fans. I personally see her vocals working well in certain ranges.

Either way, the band itself has a very amusing and comedic dynamic. Their cover of the song, Romeo, is excellent and is a great example of Kokoro’s strongest vocals.

4.) Pastel Palettes

I really wanted to put this band higher on the list but I find myself listening to the other groups more often.  But their songs are still adorable!  I love the designs of the characters, as well as their personalities. Chisato for example, has a motherly personality and looks out for other members. I also find Eve’s admiration of Japan to be endearing, as she uses samurai as an inspiration to be the best person she can be.

3.) Afterglow

I like that the band consists of members that use music to bond with one another, as well as spend time as close friends! I love Ran’s vocals. She has a powerful voice and although she is rivals with Yukina from Roselia who also has a strong singing , I could see her I find myself listening to their single, Hey-Day Capriccio on repeat.

2.) Poppin’ Party

I love the music from this group. They have a great variety of songs to choice from. Tear Drops is among one of my favorite current songs. The main vocalist has a great range and plus, the other members also are great singers and compliment her voice very well.

1.) Roselia

Yukina’s voice blows me away, especially in their single, Legendary.  Not only is the aesthetic of the members very pleasing, I find that the songs are great for work outs and help me get motivated. Not only are the stories of the members, Yukina especially, show great growth, the lyrics of the songs are also very encouraging and show the strong bond the band members have with one another.

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