Weiss Schnee Cosplay: The Hurdles


I am new to sewing. This was the very first project I did, years later, which was a cosplay I in part, custom made! The last cosplay I attempted to make was my very first cosplay from Tokyo Mew Mew and admittedly  was..not constructed using the best methods. (Rather than sewing, I hot glued pieces of fabric purchased from Wal-Mart together).

This is just part one of a part two post. I wanted to make it just one part, but I wanted to talk a bit about the trials and tribulations I went through for this particular cosplay. I usually don’t live too much of an interesting lifestyle, but cosplay is something I truly love and really brings me both joy and of course, it’s also fun. Though sometimes as someone who does not have too much sewing experience, I often order cosplays.  Occasionally as a person who is curvy, there can be obstacles along the way.


Anyway, after that experience with my Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay, I was very hesitant to get back into making items from scratch. Though as the years went on and thanks to my Grandpa, who even made and built some props for me in the past, I learned some of the basics. I got into new hobbies, such as jewelry making, and brushed up on skills that also helped with cosplay.  I’ll go more into the progress of this cosplay during the next post, but for now, I’ll discuss the obstacles I mentioned earlier.





I had several hurdles with this particular outfit from RWBY, along with bad luck. I originally purchased it from a manufacturer that made a great version through Taobao, but the dress was huge and I had to safety pin it together, in order for the dress to stay in place and stay up. The jacket also had shoulder pads, and had an unusual, shiny purple tint in certain lights. I asked for the symbol on the back of the jacket, and got a version that was a bright neon colored blue. I did not feel comfortable while wearing it, though thought I got lucky–at least at the time– when I  saw another cosplayer post a similar cosplay with my measurements for a very affordable price, roughly the cost of a wig.

It was a bit too good to be true. I saw it was a  Uwowu brand cosplay version in a size large.  When I bought said cosplay and received it at an event last year, the owner before this one wore out the cosplay. It has loose threads and was in poor shape,. The jacket almost fell apart when I tried it on. I could also not repair the broken zipper on the dress after closely looking at it and even then, the dress didn’t fit. I was a little frustrated because it was apparently close to my measurements, according to the poster.  The poster also did not mention that the threads on the cosplay, especially by her accessory, were falling apart. I was frustrated and did not wear it after then. I  threw it right out.

Lets go back to the company, Uwowo. They are a company that makes great and accurate cosplay costumes located in China, but they do not make cosplays above an Asian large, at least to my knowledge. Though after my experience, I do not think their cosplays hold up too well. As a girl who is on the cusp of being plus sized, but does not fit into regular clothes, it was difficult to get this cosplay in a size that fit me.

Uwowo, sold the cosplay for an affordable $49 in Asian sizes small through large.  I do want to note that an Asian Large sometimes is equivalent to a U.S. small.  I am typically a U.S. XL, sometimes a large if a piece is oversized.  I was a little puzzled that they did not have custom or larger measurements and asked them about it. They wanted to charge $300 plus international shipping to custom make the cosplay to my measurements.

Anyway, I attempted to order the cosplay one more time from another maker. That order cancelled  after I gave my measurements and the seller claimed it was out of stock. I grew frustrated, but really loved this character and wanted to cosplay her. I feel that it is important for there to be varied sizing for cosplayers, including people who are curvy and plus sized.

I was about  to change my plans. Cosplay is supposed to be fun, a great hobby. Yet, I was getting really annoyed and felt that this bad luck was a sign : maybe I shouldn’t cosplay as this version of Weiss?  But  I  also felt determined, too. I am on the curvy side, sure, and manufacturers didn’t make it in my size, but why should I let that stop me?

I love this character, and wanted to become her for a day. But most of all, I waned to have fun. Isn’t that what cosplay is all about?

I then had an idea and broke down pieces of her outfit. She wears what is essentially a sweetheart dress, similar to a short prom or bridesmaids dress, with a petticoat underneath, as well as a bolero. I still had the sash she wore around her waist from one of the versions I had in the past. Plus, also had the shoes that were regular shoes off Amazon, which looked similar to hers.

After breaking down the pieces of the cosplay, I realized that regular pieces could be picked up that were reminiscent of hers. I then decided to get pieces of the cosplay from regular clothes, then alter them and make them fit the character. It was an ambitious project, because I did not have much sewing skills. But I combined inspiration from other cosplayers off Instagram, to their own interpretations, to the version of the show. And then, my project began!

Part Two: Coming Soon




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