Convention Packing Must-Haves

Photo by Cosplay in America.

After almost ten years of attending conventions, I have become familiar with the items that are important to have on hand while at a convention. Sure, it is fun to cosplay, but you should also keep in mind and first prioritize your own health and personal care. I am releasing this blog post a bit after Katsucon. I am known as a resident mom friend and I’ve noticed that folks have not been putting as much care into themselves as they could.

I wanted to share the list (above) as a reminder of what to keep in mind while packing and will do a summary of what I feel are items to keep in mind. Of course as always, remember to bring identification to check into the conventions, as well as your badge confirmation print out. There is often a QR Code/Bar code on the registration print out or email, which makes the process in registration easier.

Hygiene: Deodorant, soap/body wash, tooth brushes and tooth paste, and shampoo are a must. Although hotels do supply soap and shampoo, they are often in tiny bottles and when a room is shared with four other people or so, there sometimes isn’t enough to go around.

Medicine and More:  Remember to stay on your daily routine of  taking medicine and vitamins. I tend to have low levels of Vitamin D and from personal experience, I find that I need a bit more of an extra dosage during conventions.

Water, Snacks, and Food:  I bring portable or refillable water bottles. Many conventions do supply water for attendees, though don’t rely on this throughout the weekend, as sometimes, it may run low or out. I personally like to snack on trail mix and granola bars. As for food, I like to bring microwaveable soups during cold events,  in addition to rice. Sometimes if you’re in a pinch or in a hurry, meal replacement shakes can come in handy. You can bring ramen, but try to eat that sparingly.

Electronics: Don’t forget your phone charger, as well as general chargers for your devices! Portable chargers are also great to have on hand.

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