Cosplay: Tips from A Newbie’s Perspective

Image included for irony, as well as humor! I found that my past self would have a similar reaction to the people in the crowd.  Learning  basic sewing can be a very helpful skill.

I recently started getting into some basic sewing, after finding out that manufacturers did not make a Weiss cosplay I liked in my size. Many of the versions I came across that did fit looked great at first glance, but include shoulder pads and thinner material. They also lacked Weiss’ character symbol on the back , which is one of my favorite parts of the design. I tackled on a big project, without too much experience on sewing, and without a sewing machine. Almost all of the work on this project was hand sewn.

I did learn a lot of new tips an tricks from this attempt and wanted to pass them on!

Start Simple: 

It’s best to start with an easier design, rather than diving right into full on armor and detailed embroidery.  For this project, I wanted to use a pattern, but due to the lack of a sewing machine and desire to get more practice, I figured it’d be a better idea to get pieces and alter them to fit the character. Although I feel that I could have gone with a simpler design with items that were a bit easier to find, I really love this character and am passionate about this series. I also wanted to challenge myself a bit.


Break Down Your Character’s Outfit: 

The reference picture from Rooster Teeth is almost made for cosplayers for reference. They broke down pieces of the outfit in her design and I came to the realization that many of the pieces could be bought. I purchased a bridesmaid dress, similar to hers, as well as a bolero, and got to work.

Get Extra Supplies (Just Incase): 

I made multiple trips to Hobby Lobby to get supplies, whether it be bias tape, sewing needles, or thread. I find that making a list of the items you need may be helpful prior to your trip, in addition to reference pictures.  Sometimes you might use more supplies than  you may expect.

On the same note, please make sure you get additional fabric, even if it’s just going to be used to test certain techniques on. I attempted to use fabric glue on a certain part of my bolero, and ended up having to get another bolero and start from scratch.

Note to self ;Fabric glue can make material very stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

Have Fun and Be Healthy:

Remember, the goal of cosplay is of course, to have fun! Remember that your health comes first and it is perfectly okay to take breaks.




One thought on “Cosplay: Tips from A Newbie’s Perspective

  1. Nice post!!! 😊 everyone started somewhere so we should not be afraid to start trying new things when it comes to sewing and making cosplays. Even though the process can be tedious at times when you get right down to it creating cosplays is a lot of fun because you are thinking of how amazing the pay off will be and how much fun you will have wearing your cosplay 😊

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