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My Favorite Bubble Tea Locations


I am a big fan of bubble tea. It’s a unique and fun beverage and I’ve went to several locations over the years, trying different types of recipes. But first off:

What is bubble tea, anyway? 

It is a beverage made from tea and tapicoa pearls. The tapioca pearls are the “bubbles,” which are soft but also gummi-like in consistency. Sometime milk is added, in addition to sugar. Other toppings can also be added, like fruit jelly or even pudding.

So, What makes a good bubble tea?

Not all bubble tea locations use real tea in their recipes, believe it or not! Instead, flavored powder is used. I find that the best locations use real tea, do not overly rely on sugar for flavoring, and make their pearls fresh.


I tried a hot bubble tea from this bubble tea shop  lower Manhattan and it was amazing and a  perfect treat for a chilly day. Although I frequent the one in mid-town as of late, I find all locations are consistent, easy to find, and a nice and colorful place to relax. This particular company. I make a point to stop here whenever I am near one of their shops, sometimes even going out in a different direction to treat myself to some matcha bubble tea.



Vivi bubble tea is home to several locations–about sixty– according to their official website.  They have interesting and fun varieties of bubble tea, including their bubble tea float, which is only available in one location to my knowledge and at the time of this post:


This location is a bit more expensive than the regular bubble tea location, but the bubble tea tastes fantastic and there are organic ingredients used, as well.  The company is quirky and fun, with many of their locations having a sleek and modern appearance.  Although I am not often in lower Manhattan and East Village, visiting Boba guys and picking up some bubble tea is a great treat.

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