Zenkaicon 2019: Pre-Convention Thoughts


Pre-Convention Thoughts:

Zenkaikon 2019 is once more, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!  The area the convention is in is both trendy and developed, though has its own personality and charm, with modern coffee shops dotted around the area, and a wide variety of eateries to choose from. A few places such as farmer’s market are open throughout most of the weekend. and the area is very welcoming to attendees who stop by in costume. The reason why I mention the area is because I feel that sometimes, location is a big factor for events–and the area is among one of my favorites to visit.

This convention, along with Magfest, is one of my favorite events to attend. I find that Zenkaikon is a relaxing event, without too much crowding, and is a great size for a con, with just the right amount of panels and activities. I am mainly a bit uneasy about the construction in the lobby, but from my experience from last year, the convention should be able to find a work around. This concern should be alleviated next year with added space. I heard that about one-hundred rooms will be added after the construction is done.

As convention got closer, I am  counting down the days and of course, am growing more excited! I don’t usually do this for conventions lately, but Zenkaikon is an exception.

Thoughts/Cons from Last Year: 

Before going to an event, I like to look at parts of it I may not have enjoyed. I looked a my post from last year as a refresher. There were not too many negative aspects of this event. Most of the negative parts of last year’s event actually came from attendees, though I do want to preface that most of the attendees I came across  were amazing and really sweet. Some attendees really made my day, with their kindness and generosity.

One small gripe I had from last year were the games some people played in the elevators. Although meant to be in good fun, people who played elevator games remained there as the elevator went up and down, essentially slowed down traffic, along with taking up much needed space in the elevator from fellow attendees.  There was also a situation where an attendee grabbed my entire suitcase without my permission and put her luggage on top of mine. The main issues of this convention I have are just some smaller instances of  attendees being inconsiderate, but the good nevertheless, outweighs the bad, and I really looked forward to this event, especially with it being a bit earlier in the year than 2018’s con.

Packing for the Event:


I made a blog post about packing for cons and I think my method may be a tad unconventional, so I wanted to share! For this event, I attempted to pack in a more organized way, using tote bags to keep items in sections, for easy access. The larger tote bag (with the yellow mascot character) for example, has items for my Weiss cosplay. Lancaster has many eateries available that are allergy friendly but even then, I made sure to pack plenty of snacks such as trail mix and granola bars. This is to mainly save up on money , have access to food conveniently/when short on time, and minimize eating out. Sometimes I may overthink things a bit when packing, but it’s better to over analyze than to forget something important!

Next Post:

In a few weeks, I’ll be posting a review of the convention. Although I don’t typically make two blog posts for conventions, it is the start of convention season, and I feel there is a lot to discuss!

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