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I am not a  eye doctor or an expert on lenses, but before you purchase circle lenses, even if you have perfect vision, please see a doctor. I also highly recommend doing research on websites which sell circle lenses by looking at reviews, in addition to making sure websites are FDA approved.

What are circle lenses?

Circle lenses are contact lenses which make your eyes appear larger, and often have various colors. They are sometimes used for cosplay, but are not means a requirement.

Why use circle lenses?

Circle lenses can often make you look more awake, alongside the use of makeup. They also can enhance the appearance of your cosplay and as shown above, can include colors such as purple!

Caring For Circle Lenses:

Wash your hands prior to putting in contacts.  From prior experience, I don’t recommend using hand sanitizer.  Make sure to use contact lens solution, rubbing a lens in between two fingers in order to clean them before each time you wear them. It is also important to put in new, fresh solution in your contact lens case.

Circle lenses seem to absorb a lot more water than regular lenses. You may want to check in your contact case every so often, to add contact lens solution so your lenses do not try out. Most lenses last for about a year, though this can vary, as lenses sometimes are made for short term wear. Websites often include the amount of time lenses last for.

Other Things to Note:

I find that this is an issue with darker eyes: sometimes contacts may not show colors as vividly. Try to look at reviews from people who also have darker colored eyes such as brown. Sometimes you may see what the lenses look like, or see if they had good experiences with having clear colors. As someone with hazel eyes that go more on a shade of a dark brown, I personally love using the brand Geo, specifically their ‘super angel’ line of lenses.

Where to buy circle lenses: I have purchased from Honeycolor and also Candylens, though due to the popularity of circle lenses, there are many other websites out there.

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