The Future of Idol Anime…?


First, there were idols.  Then, in came a  new set of idols who battled on stage. Then,  there were groups of bands, which of course, were in the spirit of idol anime and music. Now, there’s apparently going to be DJs?

I came across an article and trailer on Crunchyroll, which is announcing a new series which caters to those who love idols.

This new series is going to focus on eight girls who are DJs, and is owned by Bushiroad, who also owns BanG Dream! The story from the anime will also be by the creator of BanG Dream, Kou Nakamura.

The first live is going to take place this July, and will likely feature the eight actresses of the girls.

The group will also be releasing original songs and remixes of popular anime music.

This series is rather unique from one’s I have come across so far, and makes me wonder about the future of idol anime, as well as idol  music. I asked myself a few questions:

Will there be different genres of music in comparison to other series, due to the main characters being DJs?

Idols typically have frilly outfits. Will the main characters have more sleek, simplistic designs as a result of this genre? The design so  far are just in silhouettes and do appear a bit simple in comparison to other series. 

But because little details are known about this series and the character designs are hidden , only time can tell. It seems that there might be additional announcements during July’s live.


Anime News Network Article

Crunchyroll Article

D4DJ Website

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