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Clovercon 2019 Review

I attended Clovercon 2019 as a vendor again this year. It’s a one day convention that takes place in the 4-H Center in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Getting There: 

I woke up at seven in the morning, left at eight, and went with a few friends. They were really supportive of me throughout the entire event and helped me get through some tough hurdles. I liked chatting with them on the way to the 4-H Center, too! We mainly took back roads and got to the con a little after nine. I set up my table with time to spare.


I’d recommend vending at Clovercon if you are local. The tables are very affordable but the crowds were not as good as last year. I heard that other people were also struggling with sales, and a few people left the convention early as a result. I luckily made my table back, though I did have expenses such as food.


The staff is both friendly and caring, and works hard to make the best experience for its attendees.  I liked that the head talked to as much people as possible and thanked them for coming. I have had staff come across my blog posts in the past, and take my feedback into consideration. I want to thank them for taking the time to read my posts! My goal with making posts is to share not only my own experience , but to also give back to the convention community through my feedback. 

Air conditioning: 

The poor ventilation did worry me a little. The vending room was very humid and hot. I felt a bit unwell towards the end of the event due to the heat.  As someone who has heard of experiences of people getting sick, or even getting heat exhaustion at other conventions,this is a little bit concerning for me. 

Low Attendance/Poor Sales: Although this is out of the control of staff, several artists around me struggled with sales because attendance was a bit poor. I am not sure if there was a decrease in attendance over the years and can’t confirm this, though did feel as if there were less attendees overall.

Cosplay Catwalk: The location of the stage in proximity to the vendors took away some traffic from booths and people crowded in front of artists booths to watch the show. Due to the tight space by the stage, there was not a seating area for attendees.


Vendors get complimentary wi-fi ,but there was a discrepancy with the password. When we were able to login, the wi-fi was very slow and reception went in and out.  I did like that a staff member did check up on vendors when it came to the wi-fi but he seemed a bit overwhelmed. 


My experience this year was alright. I came back from the convention a bit frustrated from the day, but my friends helped me get through it. Although I may not go back as a vendor for the following year, it is still a fun event as an attendee for locals. The staff is very kind and caring and it’s a good event for people who are new to the anime convention scene. I personally like going to Clovercon to kick off my summer convention season.

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