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OwlCrate June 2019 Unboxing

What is OwlCrate? 

OwlCrate is a monthly subscription box that I came across through Bookcon and YouTube. It’s aimed for Young Adult and Middle Grade reader fans. According to the Owl Crate website, each box contains one novel and three to five items based on a monthly theme. A few examples of past themes are Epic Adventures, Lost in the Bookstore, and Get Inspired.

This post does contain spoilers for the June 2019 Themed box. Read more if you’d like to continue!

The June 2019 Theme is Libraries of Wonders! The box was well packaged, with plenty of cushioning. It was packed with special items centered around the theme!

What’s Inside the Box?:



The first item I saw was a post card with a cute illustration from Team Owl Crate! The back of the card details each item in the crate. I was trying to look for the exact name of the artist who drew this cute illustration or even their online handle, but this information was not available in the crate.


I caved and decided to pick up this crate because I’m studying to become a librarian– the theme really appealed to me. Of course, the coffee that was included also was a great addition. Although the pouch is a bit small, I was excited to receive this and love the nod towards the main theme. The only downside is that at the time of this post, coffee is not available on the Book Beau webpage.  I haven’t tried this coffee yet, though am really looking forward to having a cup for breakfast in the morning…


Next up is an enamel pin with a beautiful design. I love the gold colored outline on this and the cat is a cute touch! I don’t see myself keeping this pin. However, it is great quality, even if it isn’t really for me.


This tote has an amazing design!  Stella Bookish Art  made the art for this amazing tote. I have mixed feelings about the quote, as I have not read any of the author’s work before and may not have the same connection to the saying as readers of her books may. According to the post card, this book was inspired by the series, Strange The Dreamer.


I like the quality of these coasters, which are made with designs by KDP Letters.  But a part of me isn’t a big fan of half of the designs, mainly the one’s with the skulls and crosses. I also find that some of the different colors of font and text make text make them a bit challenging to read, though I do like most of the quotes!


The pen is a great concept. However, it does not feel like it is very good quality.

I was unsure how I felt about the book ends at first. I originally was not going to keep the book ends, but they really grew on me. They are not only sturdy, they have a breathtaking design inspired by Chronicles of Narnia. Believe it or not, I have actually not read this book before and these book ends really make me want to pick up a copy.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last but not least, is a copy of Sorcery of Thorns, by Margaret Rogerson! According to Amazon, this book was published the beginning of this month. The Amazon description gave me an idea of the book’s premise and the story is very intriguing!  The book also has a variant cover exclusive to Owl Crate and is also signed by the author. Elizabeth, the main character, was told growing up that all sorcerers were evil. However, she grows up around magic in a library featuring grimoire’s.. One day,  is framed when someone released a powerful  grimoire  and needs to turn to her enemy, Nathaniel, while also questioning what she previously thought about sorcerers.


At first, I had mixed thoughts about the crate but overtime, many of the items, such as the book ends did win me over! I am taking a break from next month’s theme because it doesn’t really grab my interest as much , (and I also plan on using the funds to get a sewing machine), but I might continue this box in August.


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