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Mystery Shack Store Review: Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Wand

Mystery Shack is an online shop for and by fans, with merchandise from shows such as Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall. According to the company’s page, they work with artists, as well as other companies to make their products. The owner of the Mystery Shack, Micheal, works primarily as a one-man team, sometimes getting extra help from family during peak seasons.

I first saw their replica of Star’s wand from a show I like called Star Vs. The Forces of Evil on Amazon, but found that it was a little out of  my budget at of time and put off purchasing for a bit. Though I came across the Mystery Shack’s web page and found the same product on there for a better price. I also got a coupon with an additional discount by becoming a member and  getting points!

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is about an energetic and reckless princess named Star from another dimension, who moves into Earth with friend Marco Diaz to become a proper future ruler. In the meantime, she fights several foes. Star does soon mellow out as the show progresses, becoming a more mature character.


The show itself does have a rather amusing cast of characters and an interesting sense of humor. I’d best describe the humor as slapstick. While this style of humor is not for everyone, I personally love it and equally enjoy the ongoing story arc. Apparently the show ended a few months back, wrapping up its story. I still need to catch up on the last two seasons.


Star owns three different versions of her wand throughout the series, the wand pictured above is the first version. The prop is accurate to the show, with a great paint job. I did not see any flaws. The prop was surprisingly bigger than I expected.


The wand was shipped to be in a good quality mailing box, with the wand itself being packaged in a ‘Quest Buy’ box. Quest Buy is a shop that Marco and Star both visit in an episode. The company also put in Star’s headband in the box that I had ordered for a cosplay and sealed it up in a clear plastic bag.


The back of the box also shows a few pictures from the show. This set of drawings was shown in Star’s spell book. I like the call outs to the show on this box.


They also put in a bonus post card with a beautiful illustration of Mewni, which is Star’s dimension.

IMG_0736 (1).jpg

The wand looks just as great outside of the box. The horns are made of a material called PU, which I believe is a type of pleather. Both items were very lightweight, making them great for my cosplay.


Star Butterfly headband

Although I was unsure about how pleather would work for this headband for my cosplay–it is an interesting material for a headband–it photographs really well.

A comparison between two headbands. 

I had a headband on the right that came with my cosplay and wanted to compare the two own!  The one on the left is from Mystery Shack. After a little comparison, I  have found the one from Mystery Shack to be much better! The cosplay headband is made of a material that is similar to cotton. The material looks like it can get piling pretty easily with just a few uses. I may just keep it for a spare just in case. The Mystery Shack headband is really comfortable, especially on top of a wig!

Overall, I was really pleased with my purchase from The Mystery Shack, between the speedy shipping, good quality packaging, and of course, high quality product for a good price!

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