The Importance of ‘Cosplay Tests’

There has been something floating around on Instagram in the past few years or so known as ‘cosplay tests,’  Cosplay tests are when someone tests out their cosplay, trying on the main pieces, sometimes also putting on a full face of makeup. Tests can be partial, such as putting on one piece or so or some parts of makeup, or people can go all out and prepare as if they are attending an event.

I feel that cosplay tests are very important and I have gotten into the habit of trying on pieces as they come in, such as wigs to see how they may look or fit.

In the test above, I am wearing part of a Weiss Schnee cosplay I altered with some help. I wore a petticoat for this and did not like the way it looked, so I decided to add just a bit of lace on the bottom of the dress. The result looked much better! But when it came to the bolero I got off Amazon, it didn’t turn out so well because I didn’t try it on too much before altering it.

Image from my Instagram. The dress still needs a little ironing and pressing, though I still was pleased with the overall dress.

After all of the work I put into it with adding on the grey trim and hand sewing, the bolero ended up being a little uncomfortable for me and ran far too small for my shoulders. I have learned that trying on items during and before the process of making or altering them can help you avoid issues such as the one I encountered. I unfortunately may have to get a bolero custom made or start from scratch.

I also recently had an experience where I am trying heels that are a little above my comfort zone. This happened to be for another Weiss Schnee cosplay. I struggled to find shoes to alter and ended up getting boots with four inch heels. If you are ever doing something a little different, especially with something such as shoes, it’s good to break them in for a bit.  I learned that these shoes were a little uncomfortable to walk in and ended up having enough time to get insoles– this made me feel a lot better.

Trying on cosplays with multiple pieces as they arrive, such as wigs and shoes, can also help you prepare during the con at a faster pace feeling more prepared and relaxed. I love seeing the cosplay come together. It’s fun to add once piece together at a time in several tests. The more tests you do, the more comfortable and prepared you may feel.

I originally didn’t do cosplay tests years back and  found that cosplaying was very stressful  at events, particularly when it came to getting ready.  I  also took awhile to prepare while at the event itself, finding out something didn’t work the way I expected. But while doing a few cosplay tests at home, my experience at events has been much better. After all, cosplay is supposed to be a funny hobby!

I’ve learned a lot over the years and cosplay tests certainly are one of the most important tips for cosplay.


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