RWBY Companion Book Review

When this companion book was  announced a few months back, I was pretty excited. As a fan of the series, I had an impression that this book would feature a bit of lore, perhaps even concept art of some of the main characters. Although this book was a bit different than I expected, the sneak preview from Viz made me really want to pick up a copy:

The book is hardcover and has been prominently on display in my local Barnes and Noble. It is currently the top release on Amazon for the category Young Adult Media Tie-In Comics. It has been a popular topic among the review community, as well. The reviews for the book that I’ve seen have been overwhelmingly positive.

As someone who is really interested in the show’s lore, I wanted to find out about further information, both past and present, such as world building or new information on characters. Fans could find out a confirmation of some character’s abilities and the name’s of their weapons. I liked finding out this new info, though finished the book wanting to hear a bit more and felt that something was missing. But after going through the companion a few times, I came to terms with the that book is more so about the process of the show throughout its development, rather than a definite lore guide. I also really would have loved to see a bit more earlier concept art, especially from the character Penny, who’s concept did change quite a bit since her inception. One of my favorite parts of the book was seeing early concept art of team RWBY at the start. As you can tell, I really do love concept art. But this book is more so a guide to the show throughout the years.

Although nothing is confirmed, I think based on the popularity of this book, it is likely that there’ll be future released similar to this one. I am hoping that an art book will eventually be released, maybe even a book with more information on the world of Remnant, and am keeping my fingers crossed.

I was amazed with this book and its quality. Though if you are looking for a lore book, you may be left a little disappointed.  I personally  loved the feeling of seeing the growth and progression of the show in this book, but know it isn’t for everyone.

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