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Always Fully Booked 2020 Reading Planner Review

This planner by Little Inklings Designs  is  a popular product among the online book community. It often sells out. It has also frequently been in my Facebook feed in lively discussions among book bloggers. Due to demand, the planner also goes live on set pre-order times.

So, why is this planner so popular?


Specific planners for people in the book community are hard to come by.  However, there is certainly demand for it. Book planners are a great way to keep track of your reading process– and a means of getting organized, as well as motivated throughout the year to read. This planner was originally available for pre-order in October. I discovered this planner in late November and made it to a second round of orders. In fact, I was so eager to get one, I placed my order during the early December pre-order!

To my knowledge,  book planners are bit of a new idea and concept. I think this might been just the third year this planner from Little Inklings have been released. There have been several updates this year: the planner is now made with a hardcover rather than a softcover in order to protect it, plus there are also protective pieces around the edges.


The book is interactive, with some coloring pages, spreads, and several reading challenges. But of course, there’s also several sections on keeping track of your daily plans and tasks.

The planner is $32USD or $42 Canadian Dollars. The price does not include shipping. It is a bit more than the average planner, but this planner features a lot of extra content. It is over three-hundred pages and is excellent quality. I can tell this planner is made to  last throughout the year.


The website stated that orders would be shipped out by December 13th. Mine shipped out by this date. Little Inklings also gave updates on orders through Instagram and this helped build up my anticipation.  Once my planner shipped, it arrived at my home three just days later. The packaging was compact and tidy. It even included a little note, which mentioned that portions of the sales would go towards Tree Canada with the goal of planting trees to help the environment. I was excited to receive this and felt that it was worth the wait. Plus, it is good to know that part of the cost goes towards a good cause.

As of this post, there is a chance that there are small amount of leftover planners, which will go online in January.

If there is a future planner, I’d love for it to include additional months, keeping the early release in mind. The planner was originally released in October of this year, except it isn’t really able to fully used until January of 2020.

Little Inklings is open to feedback. The company has changed and improved products over the years. It is really fun to see how this small company grows along with their products!

If you are on a tighter budget, Little Inklings also has a product called a Novel Companion with some of the same reading challenges and pages for a lower price point. It is about $23 Canadian Dollars or $18 USD.

The Always Fully Booked planner is both fun and interactive. If you love reading and love planners, it might be a good idea to start a reading planner!


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