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In Response to Anime Convention Cancellations and the Coronavirus

News about the Coronavirus/CO-VID19 outbreak have swept much of the media, both online on social media websites and on television. As days  have progressed, so has the outbreak. It resulted in school closures and businesses– many employees have stopped commuting and began working remotely  As a precaution and in reaction to the pandemic, several conventions and gatherings have been cancelled. Kogaracon and Zenkaikon are just two of the cancelled events, though there are dozens more. Animecons is a good resource and it shows the extent of the cancellations. 

Reactions to said cancellations will be the focus of this post. Though at the same time, it is important to recognize and acknowledge this real-life situation. 

Although many attendees are understanding of the cancellations, there is a sizable group who were very unhappy and even lashed out on staff. Some even wanted to make their own public meetups out of anger in the midst of closures–despite local officials and other attendees warning them not to do so. The same people did not show much concern about the health of individuals around them and blamed the media for causing a frenzy. Although the public is panicking, it is important to recognize priorities at this point in time. 

I recently wrote a post about priorities and conventions. Your health and well-being do come first. Although your life style may change a bit due to the current situation, this is only temporary. Conventions will start up again. You’ll be able to wear that cosplay again one day. But also make sure to consider the well-being and health of other people, as well. During this difficult time, it is important–and highly recommended to stay inside unless you need to get essentials. Cosplay and conventions are hobbies. Your health, in addition to the health of others, should be a priority. 



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