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Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection

Colourpop released a Sailor Moon makeup collection. This was apparently a  highly requested collection. The overwhelming demand of the items, particularly the palette , didn’t surprise me. It sold out during the initial release within minutes on the Colourpop website. Ulta then released it again. I went in-person and spoke to an employee, who said that customers were waiting outside of the door before opening to get the collection.  They were also received several with phone calls relating to the collection, as well. I was unable to get the entire collection due to many items selling out. But luckily, I picked up the majority of the items!

I only occasionally discuss makeup on my blog–I am not sure if my readership is familiar with some terminology and I will try to explain a few terms. I’m not a makeup professional and mainly wear makeup such as eye shadow for cosplay. But I am learning and love sharing tips.


Eye Shadow

The eye shadow palette was one of the main items people discussed and purchased. I personally feel mixed about the colors. I think it would have been a great idea to make colors based on all of the main characters, rather than just Usagi/Sailor Moon. I do like the glitters–they can be used as highlights to make the colors pop.  I imagined the eye shadow having a bit of a creamy texture when applied, though it does have more of a powdery texture which can cause some fallout. (Fallout is when eye shadow is powdery and may not stay on your eyes, and land on other area of the face).

The colors are opaque when used together, so they really pop! But many of the colors which I gravitate to are  in the varying shades of pink–these have more of a salmon and orange tone when applied. If there is a future collection, I would love to see more pastels!

The packaging of this collection is very cute. There is a design which really reminds me of the 90’s and early 2000’s. I tried researching the name of this particular design choice, which is animated and has a smooth texture.  If anyone knows the name of this–let me know! My only gripe with the packing is that it seems to be made out of a thick, cardboard material. I am used to having my eye shadow in tins. I know some people may like to  save their tins for collecting purposes or empty tins out and use them for storage.



There are two shades of two shades of blush from this collection called ‘Cats Eye’ and ‘From the Moon.’ I was able to pick up the shade ‘From The Moon.’. It didn’t require much to get a nice, subtle look I try to get with blush. Sometimes, if blushes are a bit too vivid or light pink, it may not look natural. But this blush was a nice color that looked very cute and flattering.


This collection comes with a bundle of lip products. One is called an ‘ultra glossy lip’, which is essentially a lip gloss and the other one is an ‘ultra blotted lip.’ This one is more opaque and vivid. I prefer ‘blotted lip’ over lipstick as they serve similar purposes.  I also find that the color is vivid without being overbearing. I was able to pick up the shades ‘Bunhead’ and ‘Sailor Moon.’ Interestingly, ‘Sailor Moon’ is the lip gloss while ‘Bunhead’ is the ‘blotted lip.’



This glitter can be used as a highlight to bring out your best features, or you can add add a bit of sparkle to your look. I personally like to use it in a subtle way, though have seen people make great looks and go all out. The glitter has a galaxy-inspired look, with various shades of pink, blue, purple, and silver. The silver tone mainly shows up when applied.

Overall: While the packaging of the collection is fantastic, the color palette is one of my least favorite parts of the collection. I am pleased with it, though feel that the colors could be a bit different, with less muted tones, and represent more characters. The ‘blotted lip’ is one of my favorite parts of this collection, with the blush coming to a close second. The glitter is also very lovely and great quality, but I don’t see myself using it too often, except for certain cosplays. I would be willing to spend just a bit extra for tin packaging, rather than cardboard packaging. There are people out there who purchase the items in this collection and re-sell. At the time of this post, the retail prices of the items are available on the Colourpop website.  Ulta did accept my coupon when I ordered, so make sure to keep an eye out for any coupons!

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