Staying Connected With Cosplay Friends During Quarantine

It can be hard to connect with cosplay friends due to the cancellation of in-person events, including gatherings, photoshoots, and of course, conventions. But there are ways I’ve learned to stay connected to others–I  wanted to pass these tips on!


Don’t Rush Challenge: The Don’t Rush Challenge is a collaboration video series that has spread across social media websites such as Instagram. In the video, cosplayers show themselves in their regular attire, then transition to their cosplays. Although this was originally popular in the beauty community, it has also caught on for cosplayers who also love the transformative aspect of makeup, wigs, and costumes. Note that you don’t need to wear makeup to cosplay, but it certainly helps ‘level up’ your cosplay look!

Crafting Cosplays With Video Chatting: Quarantine can give you the opportunity to work on projects. But why work alone? If you know a fellow crafter, try video chatting and crafting along with them. Websites such as Twitch also have a creative category on their website with a sub-category called ‘Makers and Crafting.’  Sometimes people have live streams relating to cosplay. But it is also worth checking out some art streams, too! You may even come across an artist from a convention artist alley.


Online Conventions: Some official conventions have switched to a temporary online format on social media. Others are unofficial cons, but are made to help convention attendees spend time with one another. Concellation is a page on Facebook made to be a humorous, non-event. It began with people making inside jokes relating to common convention happenings and eventually grew into a group with over 30,000 members.  People have been sharing their cosplays and interacting with fellow cosplayers in this group. Some of the jokes pertaining to conventions also are very funny–the group certainly is worth checking out. Credit to artist Matt Zaniber for making the logo!



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