10 Gifts for Book Lovers

Although the holiday season is months away,  reminders for birthdays and special occasions  seem to pop up every so often on my feed. Sure, we may still be in quarantine, but finding gifts for fellow book lovers can be  quite fun! I wanted to make the  process a bit easier.

This list was inspired from the various social media posts I come across, where book lovers talk about fun items they enjoy. I’ve also included the cost of items, as well.


1.) Owl Crate Subscription: Owl Crate is a monthly subscription box , which features new releases of YA Literature. Each box includes a hardcover novel, as well as 3-5 bookish goodies! It is a very fun gift and surprise for people who love YA Literature.

Cost: There are three plans at varying costs–I personally recommend choosing the 1 month plan as a gift at $29.99, as the theme does change each month and is geared towards different types of preferences. Please note that Owl Crate generally is billed automatically each month, but it is easy to opt out of future subscriptions or skip a month on your account.

Image via

2.) Book Sleeve:

Book sleeves are becoming a bit popular. They are great for protecting not just books, but also devices such as Kindles while on the go. Book Beau is a fun website with a variety of book sleeve designs. The above design called ‘Romantic Reads,’ is one of my personal favorites! 


The sleeves vary in cost, from $17.99-$29.99 depending on the size. The company gives measurements of their sleeves and comparisons of common books which will fit. Their ‘mini’ size, for example, is best for mass market paperbacks.

Image via Amazon.

3.)Tea Infuser Set: 

Books and tea are a great combination. This dainty tea set includes three tea infusers in the shape of a strawberry, sea shell, and heart!

Cost: There are a few additional shapes and options, but all are $11.99!  The tea infusers come in a set of three in the previous shapes (pictured above), or in a set with a duck, bird, and owl. There’s also a set of two which are larger with handles and a heart-shaped infuser.

Image via Amazon.

4.) Personal Library Kit: 

This fun kit includes a stamp pad, pencil, pockets and check-out cards! Perfect for readers who love visiting the library, but also want to have a similar experience at home and in their collection.

Cost: As of this post, the kit is $14.70!

5.) Gift Card for a local and Independent Book Store: 

One of my favorite bookstores is The Strand, located in Manhattan. According to the website, there are miles upon miles of books inside! But there’s also book-themed merchandise such as t-shirts, as well. A few independent bookstores such as The Strand  are still offering digital gift cards during the quarantine and they recently opened up their online store. Find your local independent bookstore by looking on Indie Bound. 

Cost: The price of the gift cards will vary depending on your budget.

6.) Membership for Campfire Pro:


This program is great for writers! As a person who loves books, I also enjoy writing.  The program gives writers the opportunity to organize their stories and characters.  It can be purchased as a gift through Steam.

Cost: The program is $49.99 and is definitely worth it. I’d recommend trying the free-trial and seeing what the program has to offer before gifting it.

Image via Michaels.

7.) Rolling Cart

Craft stores such as Michaels have carts which the book community rave about–and for good reason! The carts can hold books which are on their ‘to be read’ list, or some of their favorite book-themed merch. carts are also magnetic, making them perfect for cute magnets.

Cost: The cart sometimes is on sale for $29.99, though generally retails for around $50.

Image via Out of Print Apparel.

8.) Book-Themed Socks

Out of Print Apparel offers a variety of book-themed apparel, such as socks with nerdy designs!

Cost: The socks shown above are $12.

Image via FableandBlack on Etsy.


9.) Book Enamel Pin!

Enamel pins are rather popular in many communities, including the book community! The pins usually come from artists on online shops like Etsy. FableandBlack on Etsy illustrated this beautiful pin.

Cost: The pin is about $10! Please note that the store is from the United Kingdom and there might be International shipping delays due to COVID-19.

Image via on Etsy.

10.) Book Cookie Cutter!

This book cookie cutter would be a great gift for book lovers, who also happen to love baking! The cookie cutters from SweetPrintsInc. and are 3-D printed. They offer multiple size options, as well as a choice for dishwasher safe material.

Cost: The cost of this item varies depending on the size and material. The extra-large 6 option is around $9,  while the extra small option is $5.




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