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Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pile Review

There’s a chance that Strange Planet comics may have popped up on your social media feed.  They’re about odd aliens who live lives similar to our own, but speak in a different dialect. The comics are amusing because of the dialogue, which is often rather deadpan, yet relatable.

Nathan W. Pile is the artist– he posts some of the comics featured in this book on his Instagram.  Below is an example of one of his comics!


The artwork of this book is very simple, and the dialogue is quick, making it a relaxing, yet quick read. I love the cheerful and bright colors. The colors have an interesting contrast to some of the topics of this collection of comics and the occasional use of dark humor. I usually do not like dark humor. However, the illustrator manages to make many of the jokes land. The lighter jokes were a nice balance…and some of the comics even made me laugh out loud!

The aliens use different words to describe objects. Tea for example, is called ‘hot leaf liquid’ and pizza is called a ‘dough circle.’ A helpful glossary is at the end of the book which defines their unique terms.

I know there may be some readers who may find the alien’s dialect to be a bit odd and maybe even a tad challenging at first. However, looking at the illustrations and the expressions and gestures of the characters can help you understand how they speak.

Overall, colorful comic anthology was fun and humorous, with a unique take on language. There will apparently be a second book in this series called Stranger Planet. It should available by mid-June. But with the current virus situation, some release dates of books have been delayed. But I’m sure the sequel be worth the wait!

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