Weiss Schnee RWBY Cosplay Commission Review

I was determined to find the perfect Weiss cosplay. This  search has been going on for a few years now…and I finally found the perfect person to make it for me in February.  I received it in July, in part due to delays because of COVID-19. It was truly worth the wait.

So, I initially looked on Taobao and on Aliexpress for this particular version of Weiss. Sellers from the websites I commonly use did have the costume available, though it wasn’t available in plus sizes, wasn’t the right color, or had shinier material. I was a bit picky when it came to this cosplay. After all, Weiss is one of my favorite characters! I stumbled across a seamstress named Oruntia after digging on google images:



I was truly amazed with Oruntia’s work. It was just how I pictured it! With elegant material, a bit of shine, and a nice, powdery blue color, and most of all, great craftsmanship, I knew this would be a good fit. And even better, the maker was accepting commissions! Oruntia makes each cosplay unique. It will be accurate to the series, but will have unique details; each costume is special and made with care.  This is something I really like about this seamstress. She even added custom tags on the costume with her username on it, and tossed in a free mask which was made of the same gorgeous material as the cosplay.

Oruntia is located in Indonesia and is most active on Instagram.

I’ve had bad luck with commissions because I am still a novice at sewing, and am unsure about what to offer to folks in terms of pricing. I generally am hesitant to reach out to makers, even a bit intimidated at times, because I want to make sure I give a fair offer. There’s a lot to consider, between labor, knowledge of craftsmanship, and cost of materials. I find that my best experiences with makers are when a quote/estimate is given up front.  I paid for half of the cosplay in February and then completed the entire payment around late June when it was complete.

Oruntia took pretty photos of the cosplay (shown above), and posted them on her Instagram.  The details of the cosplay are great, between the little gems by the skirt, and the jewels by the sleeves. Processing time and sewing of the cosplay took about four months. Although the estimate of completion was about two months, I understood that there would be delays because of COVID-19. Sewing materials have been harder to access and the speed shipments for items have slowed down significantly as a result of the virus.

There was a minor issue with the bodice and fit with the skirt, but this was likely because I gave measurements which were a tad dated. I hadn’t taken my measurements in awhile. The bodice did  a bit too much wiggle room by the chest, even after lacing up the corset backing. The skirt also was a little snug by the waist. But I found solutions for both issues. I ended up finding a good replacement for the bodice. I own a white chest binder with a similar appearance to the bodice–all I need to do is sew on the black lace detailing. I also wore shape-wear and this solved the issue with the snug skirt. 

I think these minor problems were  more on my end, as well as a reminder to measure myself more often.

Do I like this cosplay? Absolutely. It’s comfortable, I feel confident in it, and the seamstress truly brought this costume to life.

If you want to support Oruntia, reach out on her Instagram to see if commissions are open!

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