On Writing: Why I Create Original Characters (OCS)

The featured post image is by the artist, Katizua!

My original characters are fictional, but they are very important to me. I’ve seen so many articles about how to create an original character, though do not often hear about why writers make original characters. I wanted to talk about the topic here from my own personal experience. This topic is especially fun, as the answer can be rather subjective.

Usually the purpose of an original character (also known as oc for short), is to tell a story, whether it be part of an already existing fandom, or to exist in their own unique place and setting.

I create original characters in order to tell an audience an engaging story. I am part of this audience. I want to tell others a story that I would love to read myself. The enthusiasm and excitement towards story-telling often shows itself through personal enjoyment of a work. In other words, enjoying your story and characters can help a story became a  stronger piece.

The characters, especially my protagonists, have grown along with my personal experiences. I know there’s a whole  literary debate about the ‘death of the author–‘ one which argues that  a writers life should not explain a story’s meaning, but I personally believe that writers are influenced by their own lives and may put small traits of their own self–or others they have met– into their characters. The characters can reflect an author’s personal experiences and people they may have encountered. And yes, even in fantasy books, there can be parallels or commentaries on real-life scenarios!

My characters have also given me comfort during difficult times, as my stories themselves are opportunities where I can express myself creatively. I really love reading  stories, as being both a writer and observant reader/listener is important.

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