My Thoughts on the TikTok Ban: Cosplay Edition

Update 9/22/2020:

The ban might be retracted due to a possible new deal between Walmart, according to a recent NPR post. Although the deal is pending, I wanted to update this post with the latest news.

What is TikTok?

TikTok–is–or rather- -was an app which was gaining popularity in the cosplay community. Users took videos of themselves interacting with other cosplayers, or showed off their latest cosplays.

This app will be banned in the coming days, due to security concerns. And many cosplayers are not happy about this.

About the ban

TikTok will no longer be available for download starting on Sunday, September 20th, and use of the app will be entirely banned in November. Articles have appeared on my social media and news feeds, detailing the data which the app allegedly collected from users.

How Cosplayers Reacted

The ban made many cosplayers frustrated and upset. There were cosplayers who felt that TikTok was an outlet, which allowed them to express themselves and interact with others in the community. But some felt that it was their only outlet and opportunity where they could cosplay and share their content in the middle of COVID-19.

My Thoughts

I tried to look at the ban from both perspectives. I personally am not a fan of the app and the style of content, but can see how others can use the app in order to express themselves. At the same time, the app should not be the only outlet a cosplayer has towards their hobby. Or the only way a person is able to show off their cosplays, creativity, and craftsmanship.

I never downloaded the app in the past due to the uncertainty about user data. I think it’s important for people to pay close attention to articles regarding these concerns and carefully consider their options.

There are so many alternative places where cosplay content can be posted, from Instagram, to YouTube, Facebook pages, or even blogs!

In Closing

Throughout the years, technology has made it possible to connect with others. I think that it is important for people to discover the various social media platforms and outlets that are available. Although the current pandemic may make cosplayers feel a bit disconnected at times, it still possible to feel connected and part of a community by using multiple virtual resources.

I made a blog post in the past about staying connected with cosplay friends. Feel free to check out the post if you are feeling a bit stumped!

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