With Your Library Card: Digital Items

I work at a public library. In November, it will be about a year since I began working in this setting! Although the library does offer digital circulation on top of physical materials, there are many patrons who do not know about digital offerings.

And I know there’s a demand for it.

But I was also surprised that a few of my friends who use libraries were also unaware of the variety of resources their library had to offer. I know some of my followers on here also love manga–depending on your library and the services offered, digital manga and comics might be available, too!

Digital resources generally are available through a library’s web page. The resources typically are services that work with libraries, in order to give a variety of materials to patrons. In most cases, you will just need your library card number in order to access the materials, as well as your e-mail. In most cases, an account is made on the service’s web page with your e-mail, and is linked to the library card.

The resources can range depending on the library. I’ve noticed that libraries may offer eBooks, audio books, movies, and even music!

It’s a quick process– and as long as your account is in good standing, you’re able to borrow materials 24/7!

Digital resources are also a excellent way people can still support a library during COVID-19 if their physical library is closed. Digital resources are also very convenient–depending on the service, you are also able to download the book to your Kindle or other eReader devices for your loan period.

I wanted to make this a new blog series, where I talk about various offerings from libraries, which people may not be aware about. I look forward to starting this series!

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