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Bookstagram and Blog Project

For my final semester of grad school, I wanted to focus on on my blog more. My blog has a mixture of content relevant to my interests. But due to school and work, it has been challenging to post frequent updates.

I really miss posting frequently. But I had an idea…

I wanted to make the blog as part of my assignment for a literature class. The goal of the assignment is to learn about networking. But I feel that it’s important to have multiple, consistent platforms–the focus of this assignment will be both the blog and book-themed Instagram.

Bookstagram is the nickname of the growing book community on Instagram. The community features a wide variety of posts through different hashtags, many of which have thousands, even millions of posts. I feel that this is a great resource for interacting with the community, as well as discovering new titles. Photography and creativity are also two aspects I love about Instagram. There’s also a sense of community on Instagram, as well! Below are just a few photos on my Instagram.

I work in a public library and want to use this assignment to practice using social media as a helpful tool. I am in charge of the Facebook page for my job and want to work creatively, making photos to encourage literacy. Although Instagram is a different platform, I’ve noticed that my visual posts on my work Facebook Page tend to get more traction, encouraging patrons to stop by. Some patrons have even commented in person, that they stopped by because of the posts! I want to practice making better visuals and figured that Instagram would be the perfect option to get this experience.

I have already started this project with previous posts:

With Your Library Card: Digital Items

Discovering Audio Books

Feel free to check them out!

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