Discovering Audiobooks

I only discovered audiobooks in recent years on YouTube through advertisements of one of the audiobook services available through Amazon. I was curious about audiobooks, but considered myself a quick reader as I adapted to fast-paced courses on top of working. While in class, we quickly went through one book to another –sometimes several a week– and I needed to keep on top of assignments and readings. I was worried about the pacing of audiobooks and if I would be able to fit this different format with my schedule. But I was still curious. After reading academic articles and rhetoric for a few semesters, I wanted to be able to enjoy books at my leisure again–and become knowledgeable about a newer format.

I ended up loving audiobooks. I feel like many of them are like audio dramas, where you can experience the story and immerse yourself into the work. Sometimes the speaker changes their voice depending on the character’s dialogue and personality, which helps me distinguish between who is talking. Audiobooks have many advantages. I felt motivated to multitask more, working on blog posts or assignments for class while listening to an audiobook. I also did not expect to get through books faster. I also find myself enjoying the content much more, while going through the book at a steady and leisurely pace.

I tend to shift between going through a reading slump, to reading frequently. I am glad that I am able to get back into reading again.

Image illustrated by Grant Snider, from

I wanted to end this post with an illustration from Grant Snider–which reading stage are you currently on?

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