I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf by Grant Snider Review

I saw one of the comics from this comic anthology on social media. This book is a love letter to literature and writing, with small and simple, yet detailed illustrations. It was a comfortable and short read, a good coffee book to have lying around. I borrowed a digital version from my library and feel that this is the type of book that is better to have with a physical copy, to look back at your leisure… and notice new details!

There were a few things which made reading the material difficult, mainly due to the format I chose. The digital version which I borrowed was somewhat pixelated when you zoomed in to better view the details of Grant Snider’s work–this took away from some of my enjoyment of the artwork. The font was also a bit tiny on the digital version and sometimes can be a little hard to read. I have not heard about issues with the physical copy on the size of the font or image quality.

This book is perfect for book lovers and writers alike–just make sure to get a physical copy to fully appreciate his art! About half of the book is about reading while the other half focuses on writing. I’d recommend this book for people who like both writing and reading. I feel that people who love both will be able to best enjoy the content.

It is a nice book to read on a rainy day or when you are in a reading slump, and would be a great addition to your book shelf.

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