Why I’m Going Mostly Digital

Years ago, when I was in high school, my mom wanted to get me a Kindle for Christmas. I turned down the offer, but ended up winning a Kindle at my retail job a few months later. I was hesitant to try eBooks due to preferring physical books. But I wanted to use this Kindle and give eBooks a try. Once I got into college and I discovered that digital text books were much more affordable, I ended up getting into eBooks. But the difference in cost isn’t the only reason why I love eBooks.

I’m now a graduate student, almost a decade later, and now prefer eBooks. I am now unhauling most of my books, keeping a few favorites, and am mainly getting digital copies. Here’s why!

Lack of space: I like working on my writing and hobbies in an open area, with plenty of space to occasionally move around and walk. I own a rolling cart and store most of my books on there, except it is currently full. Usually the common solution would be to get book shelves, except...I just do not know where how would arrange shelves in a way which would make me feel comfortable in my own space. Now that I’m unhauling most physical books, I can still enjoy reading while being in a roomy area. I will still try to support indie bookstores by occasionally buying physical copies-or bookish items if they are offered.

Organization: eBooks can be organized and re-organized with the click of a few filters, and can be stored in one device or on a cloud-system. They also can easily get organized by recently owned titles, author, or publication date, in addition to several other options. If you are done with a book, it can be stored onto your account until you want to re-read it again, in order to leave enough memory for more titles. This goes onto my next point…

Convenience: When the newest book in the Peculiar Children series came out, I received a digital copy around midnight on release date. This was very exciting and convenient. I have also been using the app, Libby, as well as Hoopla, which are offered by my local libraries and I can get books without leaving my home. With Libby, I can put holds on digital items at my convenience, even schedule them to be delivered to my device at a certain date or time frame if I am a bit busy. Hoopla is also a great app– all materials are instantly available. Both applications support libraries and are easy to use.

I talk more about how to get digital items in a separate blog post.

Are you also going mostly digital, or are you sticking to physical copies? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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