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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Review

This audiobook was a several-week journey, mainly due to juggling grad school and work. This audio book was twelve hours in length, but was worth the ride! I really looked forward to listening to this audiobook at my leisure.

Before I get into this book, I will be honest: it is the type of series people either love or dislike. There are quite a few tropes in this series. This book is about a special protagonist, a love triangle, and a royal rebellion. But I ended up really liking this book, due to the writing and narrator for the audiobook.

The world Mare lives in is separated by people known as Reds and Silvers. Reds are known for their red blood and as known as second-class citizens. They do not have any special abilities, like the elite silver-blooded silvers, and live under poor conditions. The Red and Silvers at at war, with tension existing between the two groups for many years.

Mare gets by, struggling to eat and get by everyday. She steals in order to survive. When her best friend is about to be drafted for the army, she discovers something special about herself–this leads into a story full of drama, romance, and betrayal.

Amanda Dolan narrated this audiobook and brought this story to life, with her different voices for each of the characters. The narrator was a perfect fit for the main protagonist, Mare, with her sass, short fuse, strength, and wit. But the audio book was a great version, in fact, it was the first audio book I ever completed and it was an immersive format.

I did like most of the writing. Although it did have its moments, such as the amount of ‘snarls’ towards the end of the book, or when the (in)famous and slightly awkward phrase (that has become somewhat of a meme), “she let out a breath she didn’t know was holding” was used. However, the descriptions the author used helped bring this world to life.

It is a bit difficult to discuss this book without spoilers. But I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next one in the series!

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