πŸŽƒTrick-or…Read-a-thon! πŸŽƒ

What are Read-a-thons, Anyway?

Read-a-thons are usually small events, generally with a set time-limit, where people read with a set goal in mind, usually in terms of page count or amount of books read. Read-a-thons often have fun prompts and themes!

Because I am in graduate school and work part-time, it is difficult for me to participate in read-a-thons. I am currently juggling about four large-scale projects in my classes, one of the projects is actually this blog!

But I wanted to spread the word about my friend’s second annual read-a-thon and show my support.

The talented artist, Cottonbook from Cottonbook Goods made the banner which is the features image for this read-a-thon!

Now, onto the prompts…!


These prompts are inspired by the mini series, Over the Garden Wall.

Jason Funderburker: Read a Book you have a high expectation for.

Candy Trail: Read a book that was recommended to you.

“I wanna steal:” Read a borrowed book.

The Unknown: Pick a book to read at random.

Rock Fact: Pick a book you will think will be educational.

The Beast: Read a book that intimidates you.

Potsfield: Read a book with orange on the cover or a book that gives you Halloween vibes.

Tavern: Read a book while drinking your favorite fall beverage.

“The Perfect Frog Name.” Read a book with a title that is pleasing to you.


Interested in participating? Nutmegreadsmanga from Instagram/Trickorreadathon on Twitter came up with this fun read-a-thon. It is a very relaxed read-a-thon event, which is perfect for the fall! Feel free to share your progress with her on Instagram or Twitter!

This read-a-thon will take place on October 25th-30th!

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