Bee and Puppycat Vol. 1 Comic Review

So, what is Bee and Puppycat?

Bee and Puppycat is an online series created by Natasha Allegri. This series follows a young woman named Bee, who is unemployed. She finds a creature named Puppycat and the two take on temporary work in alternative dimensions and planets. This show has been subject to many delays–it was originally released in 2013, with its second season pushed back to 2019, then 2021, and finally, 2022. The quality of the animation, as well as the personalities of the two main characters make this series very enjoyable!

What is the comic about?

This anthology comic volume is a supplement to the series–it is mainly made for fans who have watched at least the first episode. The comic may not entirely make sense if you read it without watching the show. But the series is definitely worth checking it! But with this aside, the comic features several different artists with brief chapters. Allegri also drew one of the comics in this anthology, as well! The comics have the same feel of the show, with great pastel colors, characters, and funny dialogue. The comics all have brief stories which generally stand on their own. I am uncertain as to whether or not they are canon, but I really enjoyed reading this while waiting for the second season!

If you have not watched Bee and Puppycat –and want to watch it– while supporting the creators, it is officially available on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube Channel!

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