With Your Library Card: Virtual Programming

This is the next part of a new series, called With Your Library Card! I made the first post in this series last month about digital items, such as audio books and eBooks. Despite the pandemic, libraries are still able to offer services in a safe way which promotes social distancing. This includes virtual programming! Libraries offer books, but so much more. They help communities and provide important resources. Patrons are still are able to have the opportunity to connect with many libraries, whether it be in person– or virtually!

Virtual Programming can, of course, vary depending on the library. Some programming may take place on various platforms, like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or of course, Zoom! Because some of the platforms may have limited capacity, try to sign up a bit early if you are able.

Virtual Programming gives people the opportunity to feel connected to their local community, despite the distance. It also keeps people occupied, entertained, and knowledgeable about the latest happenings in their area. Virtual Programming can cover various topics. Some locations may help their town or area learn computer skills. Others may cover topics like healthy eating or mindfulness. There can also be story times for younger patrons, fun crafts for all ages, and other engaging activities!

If you are interested in virtual programming, try reaching out to your local library. The website, Worldcat, features a great resource where you can locate your nearest library through zipcodes or states/providences.

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