Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Hicks Review

I know this was not on my Fall TBR, but I stumbled across a digital copy for a great deal and picked it up! This is an adorable read with fall vibes. This graphic novel is mainly about the two characters, Deja and Josiah, who work together in a pumpkin patch. Deja is a relaxed extrovert, while Josiah is a bit shy and very dedicated to his job.

Josiah has a crush on a girl who works in the fudge shop. He does not even know her name at first, simply referring to her as ‘fudge girl.’ Deja encourages Josiah to start a conversation with fudge girl during his final shift. But finding fudge girl isn’t easy…and antics ensue.

This book was cute and a relaxing contemporary read, after reading several books with magical elements. There was some humor in this graphic novel that made me smile–not to the extent where it was laugh-out-loud funny, yet it was enjoyable at the same time. The color schemes of this graphic novel also worked very well with fall. Although I usually do like pastels and lighter colors, there was a great balance here.

The book was predictable to an extent, but with that aside, I did enjoy it! Rainbow Rowell books tend to flow very well. Although not all of the dialogue does land at times, it worked well with the art style and fall vibes.

This was a great book! It is a relaxing, feel-good graphic novel that I would recommend picking up or lending at your local library.

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