Recent Thoughts on Instagram

I have not been as active on Instagram’s book community lately (often called Bookstagram), mainly due to recent updates on the app. If you search Instagram on Google, frequent searches pop up which discuss how people view these changes. The overall feedback is far from positive.

I really love Instagram. It’s a great visual platform for many communities I am a part in, including the Bookstagram community. But this new set of updates is not user friendly and gives me a different impression of the platform. I was relieved to find out that I am not the only one who feels this way.

One of the initial updates began when recent content option was removed on essentially all tags due to misinformation from the election. Searching Bookstagram will make is difficult to see recent posts from smaller content creators.

Then, more changes came along.

People can be hesitant towards change, especially on platforms they use daily. The home page is now drastically different and even the goals of the platform seem to be different–the decision to change the notification tab’s location, replacing it with a shopping tab, frustrated and angered many users. If you look at recent reviews on the Apple App Store, the feedback is overwhelmingly negative.

As a user of Instagram, I feel that the shopping tab decision is very questionable. Users who are getting accustomed to this update are more likely to press the shopping tab out of habit, due to thinking it’s the notification tab. Marketing, sales, and financial transactions, now are emphasized on the app more than ever, and users are not happy.

Instagram states that online shopping and reels, which are short videos, have really become popular throughout 2020. The update also makes reels easier to access, but in a rather inconvenient way; users may press reels by mistake when they want to share new content, as it is located by the old upload button.

This new update makes it difficult for me to connect with others in the community. I have not heard a lot of conversation among the Bookstagram community about this new update yet, but wanted to start a discussion, If you like the new update, or dislike it, let me know! I want to hear your opinion:

What are your thoughts on the new Instagram update?

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