Making Reading Goals For the New Year

I’ve realized that I’m am not the type of person who likes new year’s resolutions. They work for some folks, but for me, making massive yearly reading goals has always been a bit daunting. Overtime I’ve recognized that smaller goals are more attainable for me–and have the potential to turn into larger-scale goals.

Despite my thoughts on new year’s resolutions, transitioning from one year to another does give a good opportunity to reflect and work on smaller goals!

Try to Start a Reading Planner:

I have been wanting to start a planner in order to keep organized and on top of certain tasks and goals, including book-related accomplishments. I have fond memories of using a planner many years ago and remember how it helped me stay organized. I also found out that planner communities are a thing. I think that this is amazing that there are online communities for so many topics. Planners are popular, to the extent where there’s different categories of planners, from fitness, to parenting, and of course, reading!
Working on small habits can help me achieve this goal. I could put the planner in an easy to access spot and put pens nearby. I also can try to look at the planner at least once a day. I will be using a book-themed planner from the Etsy from the user Peanut Butter Taco — and look forward to starting it!

Write Blog Posts in Advance:

I’m recognizing that many of my goals are habit-based as I write this post. Getting into the habit of writing posts in advance can help me maintain a consistent schedule and make posts frequently as I balance my work and school schedule. On the subject of scheduling, I’ve found that it is helpful to post on the same day of the week. For those who are curious about my posting schedule, I currently am aiming to post on Tuesdays.

Read and Write More:

I want to set smaller goals throughout the year. I know it is a bit common to set yearly reading goals, whether it be the amount of books read or genres. However, I’ve been wanting to aim towards setting monthly–or even seasonal– goals instead.

In terms of writing, rather than dedicate myself to making a set amount of yearly posts for this blog, I want to focus on a smaller scale, one week at a time, balancing quantity and quality. I also really enjoy writing fiction, particularly in the urban fantasy genre. I want to write more often because it really brings me joy. This is another habit I’d like to adjust. Having a tab open with my story can be a great motivational tool.

Are you planning reading goals for 2021? I’d love to hear about your goals!

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