About Me

Hello, I’m Chocola!

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved the art of storytelling, though this love came from of all things, wanting to find something fun and different. I grew up watching humorous character-driven shows and loved to laugh at the funny scenarios fictional characters would get into. But I also wanted to see the characters grow and change.

This led me to discover plot-driven media such as anime, manga, and books. Although I do love fictional characters and watching them grow, the power of a story comes in not only great  character development but strong writing and plot lines. I love fast-paced stories with action and suspense. Watching characters become stronger as a great story unfolds. While I still do love a few comedy character-driven shows, I tend to prefer overarching stories. This blog is a combination of my interests, from reading, to cosplay, and conventions. 


The Blogger’s Brief Backstory 

I was a shy, quirky kid with various nerdy obsessions and hobbies, which I still love today. I spent much of my free time playing video games and enjoyed watching my older brother take down all sorts of foes. Paper Mario was, and still is, my favorite game series.

I felt like I was one of the only people in my area with nerdy hobbies, though various pop-culture conventions helped me realize that the supportive and kind people who would become some of my closest friends were closer than I expected. I wasn’t alone–fellow fans of books, anime, and manga were part of a vast community consisting of thousands of individuals who were in a similar boat as me (they wanted to feel welcomed), and I’ve became a part of  it ever since. Conventions made me feel at home, and about a decade later, I  try to give back to the community by giving tips and advice on this blog, and helping others who need an extra hand.



I switched my major about three times, originally focusing on journalism, then English, and finally, Library Science. I am  currently studying Library Science and will graduate in in a few months!


Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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