Hatsune Miku is Getting An Anime

It’s been a long time since I’ve made an anime-related post! I recently came across a news article about the popular Vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku. She is getting an anime, which will combine the musical elements of the franchise, as well as animation and live-action elements. According to the article, Miku may also get a new design.

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Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection

Colourpop released a Sailor Moon makeup collection. This was apparently a  highly requested collection. The overwhelming demand of the items, particularly the palette , didn’t surprise me. It sold out during the initial release within minutes on the Colourpop website. Ulta then released it again. I went in-person and spoke to an employee, who said that customers were waiting outside of the door before opening to get the collection.  They were also received several with phone calls relating to the collection, as well. I was unable to get the entire collection due to many items selling out. But luckily, I picked up the majority of the items!

I only occasionally discuss makeup on my blog–I am not sure if my readership is familiar with some terminology and I will try to explain a few terms. I’m not a makeup professional and mainly wear makeup such as eye shadow for cosplay. But I am learning and love sharing tips.

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In Response to Anime Convention Cancellations and the Coronavirus

News about the Coronavirus/CO-VID19 outbreak have swept much of the media, both online on social media websites and on television. As days  have progressed, so has the outbreak. It resulted in school closures and businesses– many employees have stopped commuting and began working remotely  As a precaution and in reaction to the pandemic, several conventions and gatherings have been cancelled. Kogaracon and Zenkaikon are just two of the cancelled events, though there are dozens more. Animecons is a good resource and it shows the extent of the cancellations. 

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What Would Make a Perfect Sailor Moon Adaptation?

Sailor Moon has several adaptations. There is the 90’s anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, several musicals, a live action series, and of course, the original manga!

I love Sailor Moon and grew up with the original English dub. Although the series does have its flaws throughout different adaptations that I do discuss, it has introduced me to many of my good friends and is special to me. Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, is a kind character who tries to fight with love rather than violence. She is one of my favorite characters because no matter the adaptation, she sees the good in others.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Super Live Review and Experience: NYC


From Mezzanine, To Orchestra:

Back in December, I was able to get a ticket for Christmas to the Sailor Moon Super Live–I didn’t think I’d be able to make it, as I was transitioning into a new job, and went from working nearly full-time, down to part-time.  I also was in the middle of my first semester of grad school, which came with its own trials and tribulations. However, I was given the funds during Christmas to attend the show.

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Zenkaicon 2019: Pre-Convention Thoughts


Pre-Convention Thoughts:

Zenkaikon 2019 is once more, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!  The area the convention is in is both trendy and developed, though has its own personality and charm, with modern coffee shops dotted around the area, and a wide variety of eateries to choose from. A few places such as farmer’s market are open throughout most of the weekend. and the area is very welcoming to attendees who stop by in costume. The reason why I mention the area is because I feel that sometimes, location is a big factor for events–and the area is among one of my favorites to visit.

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AnimeNYC 2018 Review



Friday started off a little rocky…and in the end, it was a bit of a rough day. I traveled to the convention on the bus and the bus driver did not want to go outside to open up the cargo area underneath the vehicle. So I ended up sitting in a pretty tight seat with my luggage in tow. Though my Grandpa ended up re purposing a lawn chair bag and fitted foam for my prop, so it did make my luggage less bulky and a little more light weight, while both on and off the bus. Plus, while walking, I could carry it on my shoulder. All of my belongings, though were packed in to the suitcase to capacity–and I don’t really recommend walking around the city like this, especially after what happened to me next.

So, on my way to the hotel and while leaving the station, I heard a loud thump from behind me. About a few minutes later, a zipper on my suitcase broke and there was a gaping hole in my luggage. Luckily, nothing important was lost and I was only a block or so from the hotel. I sat on the ground for about five minutes or so to fix it.The day ended up being a little rough and it became harder to find a  silver lining from Friday in general.

There were bigger crowds than last year’s event and disorganization by the entrance fat one point. Attendees were inconsiderate and shoved through, some pushing me from behind.


I briefly wore Weiss from RWBY and lost an important accessory for the character shortly after I arrived. I did a test of the cosplay before the convention, but it was a little big for me and due to my inability to sew, I had to safety pin it to keep it up. I was a little frustrated at this point. The attendees though, loved my cosplay and were happy to see me. I found that many of them  were really encouraging and kind.

Though I was still a little irritable at this point. However, I  saw one of my favorite artists, Mintandapple and purchased an adorable rabbit sweater from her. Although she did not have my size in stock, I bought a size up for an oversized look. She was very kind and made my day so much better. The sweater was great quality and kept me warm throughout the cold first day. I love supporting this artist. Her artwork has a way of making people smile.


I was unable to really write much on Saturday and am putting this down by memory. Saturday was a bit of a blur and the crowding issues from the days before still went on. It was frustrating to get from point A to point B. However, I met up with a friend from college and we wandered around the artist’s alley and dealer’s room for most of the day. I even got to get a quick look at the RWBY photo shoot! Although the shoot was smaller than expected, I love seeing fans get together.

I had some breakfast with my mom at a nearby diner and I liked being able to spend some time with her and chat. I enjoyed a delicious cheese omelette and some along with great coffee!

Back at the con, one slight concern of mine I  came across was security, but not really in terms of interactions. It was more so in the rushed way they did bag check, not really carefully looking through contents in people’s bags. I know some conventions in certain areas such as cities have tighter security –I have heard some even have metal detectors– and considering that  some cons feel that they are needed, as well as bag checks, I found the rushed bag check process to be a little bit of a safety issue. More on the standpoint of when it comes to having peace of mind at the event.

But with that aside, I remember really enjoying the artist’s alley and finding a lot of inspiration with my own creative works, art included, just by looking at the wide variety of styles and talent.

There was also a pool at the Crunchyroll booth filled with Bananya plushies, which I of course, went right in. I did struggle a little getting out, and a White Blood Cell cosplayer was super sweet and helped me.


Usually I leave early on Sundays for conventions if I go solo. I packed up and got ready to leave. But not before grabbing some breakfast!

My mom is familiar with some great locations in the city. I had a yummy but simple meal at Pret A Manger, some oatmeal with a latte, and went back home.

Overall Thoughts:

This convention…was alright. I am not sure if I am disappointed, or feel that this may have been just an off convention for me. Either way, I am likely going next year, mainly because there will be more space for attendees in the convention center. I did reserve a hotel for next year’s event and whether I go all depends on if a few friends tag along! 😉

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My Top Five Bandori Bands!


What is BanG Dream? 

Also known as Bandori, it is a rhythm game involving five all-female bands, each consisting of five members. There are a total of twenty five girls in the series and all of them have stories and grow as characters. Some characters do have more of a focus than others, but even so, you do get to learn about each character. The game does have unique songs of different genres, mainly pop.

These ratings are my opinion, but all of the bands do deserve a spot on the list and recognition.

5.) Hello, Happy World!
Kokoro is the main vocalist. I love her cheerful personality and the goal of the band, which is to make other’s smile. Her vocals and higher pitched voice have had mixed reception from fans. I personally see her vocals working well in certain ranges.

Either way, the band itself has a very amusing and comedic dynamic. Their cover of the song, Romeo, is excellent and is a great example of Kokoro’s strongest vocals.

4.) Pastel Palettes

I really wanted to put this band higher on the list but I find myself listening to the other groups more often.  But their songs are still adorable!  I love the designs of the characters, as well as their personalities. Chisato for example, has a motherly personality and looks out for other members. I also find Eve’s admiration of Japan to be endearing, as she uses samurai as an inspiration to be the best person she can be.

3.) Afterglow

I like that the band consists of members that use music to bond with one another, as well as spend time as close friends! I love Ran’s vocals. She has a powerful voice and although she is rivals with Yukina from Roselia who also has a strong singing , I could see her I find myself listening to their single, Hey-Day Capriccio on repeat.

2.) Poppin’ Party

I love the music from this group. They have a great variety of songs to choice from. Tear Drops is among one of my favorite current songs. The main vocalist has a great range and plus, the other members also are great singers and compliment her voice very well.

1.) Roselia

Yukina’s voice blows me away, especially in their single, Legendary.  Not only is the aesthetic of the members very pleasing, I find that the songs are great for work outs and help me get motivated. Not only are the stories of the members, Yukina especially, show great growth, the lyrics of the songs are also very encouraging and show the strong bond the band members have with one another.


Is Anime For Kids or Adults?


This is a somewhat popular debate for those who are unfamiliar with anime as a genre. There are generally two camps: those who are firm believers on anime’s demographic towards children, while others feel that anime is risque in content and geared towards an 18+ crowd. I had a discussion with a family member, whose  friend returned from a trip from Japan and came across 18+ content.  Then came the question: is anime as a whole, inappropriate?

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